rdmLIVE is a secure, cloud based, collaborative R&D management system that links R&D resources together to create a streamlined and cohesive approach to R&D.

rdmLIVE is logical, intuitive and has been developed with the R&D Tax compliance framework in mind thus making compliance easy.

rdmLIVE is modular, covering all bases from project/activity planning, record keeping, cost recording, document storage, registration development and tax schedule generation. rdmLIVE does it all; taking you to R&D Tax best practice compliance levels.

rdmLIVE even incorporates a collaborative task management and messaging system so your R&D team, including your advisers, can manage all of your R&D processes in one place and in real time.




rdmLIVE has been developed by R&D Tax experts who understand the compliance requirements of the Incentive.  The projects module is designed to enable companies to add and manage unlimited projects and activities in a structured, guided, logical and collaborative manner.




R&D Tax is all about the activities within projects. rdmLIVE guides you through the development and structuring of R&D activities, including help with describing the technical hypothesis in core activities  and the more complex dominant purpose rules in some supporting activities.



Arguably rdmLIVE’s greatest attribute is its supported and collaborative capabilities.

While rdmLIVE will take you a step closer to self-preparation, the software can link you to your R&D tax adviser or internal expert  in real time to perform reviews, and respond to compliance alerts or general help requests.


Work Logs

Work logs allow you and your people to record the work they do on your projects as they go and to record significant events and milestones when they occur.



Getting the numbers right is a key part of tax, and with R&D Tax the numbers determine the size of the benefit! rdmLIVE makes R&D cost recording simple and fast and enables allocation at a project and activity level. rdmLIVE integrates with Microsoft Excel templates making it easy to get costs into the system quickly and accurately where they can then be allocated and reviewed.


Support Files

Substantiating your R&D work is a pivotal part of the R&D Tax process. When you have important information in files relating to your projects and activities, such as results and reports, they can be stored and categorised in rdmLIVE so all your references are in one place.



Complete your AusIndustry Registration Application documentation in a collaborative, flexible and online environment and, when you are ready, simply export the results directly into AusIndustry form itself for lodgement.