rdmGO is the quickest and easiest way for companies to prepare a complete and compliant R&D Tax Incentive Registration Application.

rdmGO makes use of the ‘smarts’ in rdmLIVE to focus exclusively on capturing ALL of the  information required to develop an R&D Tax Registration properly. rdmGO is far more than a series of short data collection questions designed to lock you into an expensive consulting agreement, it is a tool that will enable you to effectively self-manage and prepare your own R&D Tax registration and tax schedule.

rdmGO can still work collaboratively with your adviser, where projects, activities, costs and draft documents can be submitted for expert review, but with the comprehensive guidance, sector based examples and real time interactivity inbuilt into rdmGO, the tool demystifies R&D Tax and takes you closer to self-preparation.

A simple 3 step process




If you have lodged an R&D Tax registration in the past year and still have the PDF Application Smart Form, you can import the data from this form directly into rdmGO. This will instantly populate your rdmGO profile with company, contact, project and activity data enabling you to simply update and add new projects or activities for the current year’s registration.


Projects & Activities

With R&D Tax, you register R&D Activities that occur within R&D Projects. The rdmGO Projects module breaks down the larger and often confusing questions of the Registration Form into shorter, simpler questions. In R&D Tax, the job of the R&D activities is to overcome complexities to generate the knowledge needed to achieve technical goals.



Getting the numbers right is a key part of tax, and with R&D Tax the numbers determine the size of the benefit! rdmGO makes R&D cost recording simple and fast enabling allocation at an activity and category level.



The rdmGO Application module pulls data from the other modules and aggregates it into the form structure, where it is edited, reviewed and approved. The collaborative nature of rdmGO allows you to submit the work progressively to external advisers to give you additional peace of mind as you evolve into a fully-fledged self-preparer!


Tax Schedule

The R&D benefit is triggered when you lodge your annual company tax return and this requires an accompanying tax schedule. The rdmGO Tax Schedule module draws data from the cost module and helps you calculate the more complex feedstock, recoupment/clawback and payments to associate calculations.