About Us

rdmLIVE and rdmGO were developed by us at Incite Systems RDM Pty Ltd, an innovative software development company, made up of software architects, accountants and R&D Tax professionals.

Our goal was to develop tools that would offer an alternative to the high cost and low service business models typical in the R&D Tax Industry.

Our tools hand back control of your R&D to you and your team, not to your advisors who often do little more that cut and paste your words into a worm and then charge you a big % of the benefit!

We share your pain.

Apart from software development, our team includes people that have been in the R&D Tax space for 25 years, which is how we have been able to develop a system that works!

We sell our software to companies in the Europe and North America and even used the R&D Tax Incentive ourselves to help develop some of our platform technology.